Elizabeth Pakravan Consulting

  • We work with you to create satisfied customers!
  • "We work with you to create satisfied customers! "

"The North Star of an organization...should be highly satisfied customers." ~ Elizabeth Pakravan

To reach their goal(s) companies need to make sure that several actions are happening continuously. Adequate processes, procedures, and structure are not enough. Actions and strategies that can't be ignored or forgotten over time include: having the right people doing the right job, providing continuous education, and utilizing the "Go and See" methodology*. Ownership and pride of workmanship are core principles we help to instill and cultivate.

"Healthy companies stand on two pillars." ~ Elizabeth Pakravan

1. Cost Control

  • Operations with slow processes
  • Providing service by personnel who are not suitable or not motivated
  • Lack quality control systems that would ensure the proper functioning of each part involved
  • Not having metrics for constant evaluation

2. An increasing Portfolio of Profitable Customers

  • Maintaining satisfied customers costs a lot less than having to gain new ones and satisfied clients will bring new clients to the organization.Having a good system available that allows people to work more efficiently towards customer satisfaction will avoid "customer rotation" in sales. Customer rotation, the constant loss of [dissatisfied] customers, comes with a high probability of loss. Customer satisfaction will instead provide increased profits and a steady flow of income.

Increased financial friction and loss from lack of customer attention

The common cost propagation problem: Leaks in profit arise from poor Customer Service, lack of attention to detail, and overall inattention to creating satisfied customers. This leads to a cascade of missed potential in the business to not only generate revenue and enjoy the satisfaction of happy customers, but the long term well being of the organization is ultimately jeopardized.

* "Go and see" from the famous "Genchi Genbutsu" insight mechanism, a Japanese quality control strategy. Genchi Genbutsu means being in the real place so you can truly understand a situation to constantly improve it. It is thought of less as a "visit" and more as "to know". This is a key principle of the Toyota Production System.